Be Conscious.

The 21st century is the era of technology.
Take a look around and you will see that our daily lives are filled with it. Because of technology, things have become much faster and stronger. Products have become more user-friendly and cooler to use.
Technology without a doubt makes our lives more convenient and efficient.
And the speed of its evolution has become increasingly
faster in recent years.

But we’d like you to take a moment and give this a thought.
Yes, we may have gained this sense of convenience and efficiency thanks to the evolution of technology, but could we have lost something important along the way?

The walking bicycle is different in both appearance and mechanism from a bicycle.
It can be said to be an entirely new type of mobility.
Although innovative, the power is neither electric nor magnetic. It is human powered; the vehicle moves forward by rhythmically stepping onto the pedals. In this era of advancement, people may say that it is nonsense that we are taking a step backwards,
but we believe that there is value to the possibility of seeing and feeling things from a new perspective.

The walking bicycle welcomes you to an unforgettable experience engaging all five senses and we hope that this experience will awaken your awareness of your environment, your own body, and culture.

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