Walking Bicycle Club

What is the “club” in wbc? Is it a club of walking bicycle owners?
Do they go out cycling together? Are they all connected on an app? Do they share where they traveled today?
Perhaps in the future, but for us, the club consists of three key groups of people –the maker, the seller, and the user.
Without these three, we will never be able to create a new movement, a new lifestyle, and a new culture.

When we say, “maker,” this group includes both those who create and manufacture. The creators are the team of people who relentlessly work day and night to figure out how the product could best satisfy the users’ needs.
They are the designers, the engineers, and the people who create prototype by prototype to get an inch closer to perfection. The manufacturer includes those who both supply the required parts and assemble the product.
It is crucial for each to be persistent to maintain the strict standards for the best quality.

The “sellers” are the people who distribute the product and also the ones who directly sell the product to the user.
They are the ears and voices for both the maker and user. They must be masters of communication to first listen and represent both groups so that in the end the user experience is unforgettable.
Each person in this group must have a hunger to learn; to deepen their understanding of the brand and product and to learn about what the user has to say. It is up to the seller that makes the brand stay humble.

The user is of course, the people who ride the walking bicycle.
Whether they chose the product to become their partner in crime for a certain period of time or forever, we are grateful to each who chose to do so.
Without the user, the maker would have nothing to make and the seller would have nothing to sell.
After the user makes his or her purchase, they make the product really theirs and create a new lifestyle together.

Once tens, hundreds and thousands of people build a relationship with the product, we believe the individual connections will become one big force to bring a new chapter into our culture.
Without the support of all who are part of the club, nothing will be possible.
Perhaps it is a repeated story, but who could have thought a sketch drawn by one man would become a reality? We are forever indebted to the men and women who encouraged us to take the first step and gave us wings to fly.
It is now our time to share our excitement to anyone who chooses to become a part of our club as a maker, a seller, or user.
It is your turn to take the first step.