To Ride / Limits

Are walking bicycles allowed on public roads?

The walking bicycle is classified under the same category as a bicycle; therefore it goes by the same road traffic laws.

To ride a walking bicycle, do you need a license?
The walking bicycle is classified under the same category as a bicycle; therefore it does not require any license.
Can children ride the walking bicycle?
Although there is no age limit, the recommended height is 140cm and over.
Can you ride the walking bicycle with a skirt or sandals?
Although we recommend shoes that do not slip off, there is not limit. Skirts are absolutely no problem!
Can you ride the walking bicycle at night?
Abiding by the road regulations, reflectors are already placed on both sides of the vehicle. You are required to purchase a bike light for after dark use.
Where should I park the walking bicycle?
Though we recommend a public or private bicycle/motocycle parking area, please refer to our specifications for measurements.
Can you ride up a hill?
The hills that a normal city bike can ride up should be no problem with the provided motor assistance.
Are helmets required?
Similar to a city bike, a helmet is not required.
Are baskets available?
We have a variety of baskets available including ones made of steel and rattan.

To Purchase

Are loans or installment payments available?

It will depend on which shop you will make your purchase from, so please contact the shop nearest to you.

After purchase, will it be possible for you to send the product?
At our showroom in Omotesando, Tokyo, we generally send the product to the customer’s house. For more information about other shops, please contact the shop directly.

Safety/ Maintenance

Is it possible to lock it?
It is possible to lock the vehicle with a bike lock.
How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
Up to 2 hours.
How do I take care of it?
If the vehicle becomes wet, we recommend that you gently wipe it with a cloth. For details, please view the attached manual. For assistance regarding maintenance, please contact your distributor.

For Businesses

Is it possible to purchase or lease several walking bicycles for business purposes?
Our sales representative will be happy to give you an estimate! Please contact us here.
Is it possible to purchase from overseas?
Our sales representative will explain about requirements and areas of distribution. Please contact us here.
Are interviews or test rides available for media coverage?
Of course! Our PR representative will get in touch with you. Please contact us here.