Our company recognizes as a corporate social responsibility, that the protection of personal information obtained through corporate activities is of the utmost priority. In order to ensure the continued management and proper handling of personal information by our employees and officers, we have disclosed a privacy policy as follows.

Prohibition of Utilization Other than for Intended Purposes

Regarding the acquisition of personal information, our company will clarify the purpose of collection and will not utilize the information beyond the scope necessary to achieve identified purpose(s). In addition, we will take measures to ensure that personal information will not be used for purposes other than the stated.

About the Acquisition, Use and Distribution of Personal Information

The acquisition of personal information will be performed in lawful and fair means, and personal information will not be used beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose(s) identified. In the case of planning an outsourcing or a third party provision agreement, the subject matter will be clearly stated before receiving consent.

Safety Management

In order to ensure the safety of acquired personal information, the company shall take the necessary and proper measures for the prevention of loss, damage or disclosure of personal information.


Our company will comply with the guidelines and existing laws and regulations as determined by the government, for the protection of personal information.

Response to Complaints or Consultation (ex. disclosure of personal information)

For requests regarding personal data notification, disclosure, correction, or for the addition, deletion, suspension or termination of use, our company will respond appropriately (contact information below) on the basis of provisions in the Personal Information Protection Law.

Further Inquiries

For further inquiries and/or complaints regarding personal information, please contact us at the following:

Personal Information Management Office Katayama Holdings Co.,Ltd Tel: +81 866-62-1080